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We promise to be attentive to your needs, helpful and awesome.

At Optimal Travel™, we promise top notch service from our Licensed Travel Insurance Experts.  
We take pride of the service we offer to you the customer and we have faith in our products. 
These are some of the fine folks who take your calls and make it happen.

our team OF Specialists

We take it upon ourself to save you time & money!  Offering you confidence that you have the best plan and rates.

Our team are  All Licensed Travel Insurance agents, including our in-house Specialists with over 25 years of experience. They are trained to provide you the best protection available for you. They will get you what you need to assure that you are fully covered and provide peace of mind.

Meet Our Team

We specialized in finding the best comprehensive medical coverage for travellers, especially with travellers dealing with some medical issues or conditions.  As simple as High Blood pressure and as complexe as Heart problems or Cancer.  We can assist you I finding the most comprehensive medical insurance and finding the best rates in Canada.

Helping our clients to better understand their different options and help them find the best coverage available on the medical insurance market for Canadians or Visitor's to Canada.

Our Insurance Experts will provide real time information by allowing you to get a  Free Instant Quote  and allow you to purchase your coverage instantly, either online or by phone.

Good to know:  Buy Online, Buy Direct or Call Us; You get the Same Rates!



We believe “Knowledge is Power” especially when we talk about Insurance.  We see and hear of to many clients that have been feeling overwhelmed concerning Pre-Existing Conditions.  This is why we take it to heart to make sure each and everyone, get the right comprehensive medical coverage, and be fully comfortable with their Insurance Plan.
It is important to know all the in’s & out’s of a Travel Insurance Contract. 

To promote the best Travel Insurance Coverage, our team of Travel Insurance Specialist conducted an 
Extensive Research within the Insurance Companies offering Medical Insurance for Canadians and Canadians Visitors. 

For most people when shopping for Travel Medical Insurance, the rates are one of the main issues, 
for us it’s more about the “Fine Prints”. 

We take the guess out of shopping, by finding you the best comprehensive coverage.  We created process 
that makes it easier for our clients to find the right coverage with the right carrier for the best rate!

Our top 8 companies are very well known in the Travel Insurance Industry. Click Here to learn more who they are!


Optimal Travel™ is changing the face of Travel Insurance! We're not an insurance company - we represent them!

Our main goal is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of insurance plans and find you coverage that best meets your needs at an affordable price.

We offer many types of travel coverage, making it easy & seamless to access proper coverage online or by phone. We take pride of the service we offer, and we have faith in our products.  

Let our Team of Licensed Travel Insurance Experts do the research for you!

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