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Group Medical Services (GMS) is Canada's expert in health and travel insurance, providing a complete range of health and travel insurance to individuals and groups. Based in Regina, Saskatchewan, GMS has provided Canadians with friendly, personalized service for over 60 years.

GMS was founded in Saskatchewan in 1949 when a subscriber cooperative medical insurance plan merged with a physician-sponsored health insurance plan. This partnership brought consumers and medical professionals together under an elected Board of Directors as a non-profit company with the common goal of providing the best possible health insurance coverage.

Following the introduction of publicly funded Medicare in Saskatchewan, Group Medical Services moved quickly to bridge the gap between the publicly funded healthcare services and the needs of its customers. 
We introduced health insurance coverage for health care related costs not paid for by government, such as prescription drugs, ambulance services and private duty nursing. These core benefits are still the building blocks of the plans offered today. 

In 2003, Group Medical Services formed a wholly owned subsidiary, GMS Insurance Inc., to further diversify and expand our geographic boundaries from Saskatchewan to other provinces in Canada. Our expansion plans were prompted by the realization that customers outside of Saskatchewan were having difficulty finding the same quality of service once they had left the province.

GMS' products are currently available in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. Our goal is to offer Canadians choices and real value in health and travel insurance. This combination of tradition and innovation has been, and will continue to be, Group Medical Services.

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Those policies defines the various types of benefits and combined available with this insurer.

Once purchase, you will be provided with your insurance certificate and your Travel Insurance contract. Those documents contains clauses which may limit the amounts payable.  All document will be send to you by email.

IMPORTANT: Once you purchase your travel insurance coverage, always refer to the contract that will be provided by the insurer with your certificate of insurance. If any exclusions, limits or specification for you specific situation will be outline.

** Please read all documents provided carefully.

Claims & Emergency Assistance

If you have a question about your claim or require medical attention, call the emergency number located on your wallet card or listed in the confirmation documents. This 24/7 emergency assistance line will connect you with a GMS representative who can assist you with your claim or medical situation.

Medical Claims: 1-800-459-6604 / 1-905-762-5196 (Collect)


Group Medical Services (GMS)
2055 Albert Street
PO Box 1949
Regina, SK S4P 0E3

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