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TOUR+MED™ Travel Insurance, a proud Canadian company, has been around since 1996. Travel insurance and emergency assistance are the company's sole purposes and we are one of the very few providers that steer ALL of their resources towards the development of strong, reliable and affordable travel protections for its insured clients.

Due to the expertise and experience we have developed, we have been brought to the forefront of the travel insurance industry. Thousands of Canadian travelers can now vouch for the quality of service and coverage we provide. The range of products we offer protects travelers of all ages against the medical and non medical emergencies that can occur while they are away from their province of residence. With Tour+Med travel insurance, you can enjoy complete peace of mind while traveling.

Our personalized approach is something that truly differentiates us from our competitors. If you are not eligible for coverage after completing our basic application, you can complete and submit a detailed medical questionnaire to request coverage through our personalized program. By asking more pertinent and specific questions when you are buying your policy, we can assess your health situation upfront rather than at claims time.

Our tenure in travel insurance in Canada is a testimonial to our expertise. We are proud of the excellent reputation and leadership we have established amongst our peers and the Canadian consumers.o offer quality personal and group health insurance, travel insurance, and assistance services, Worldwide.

Travel Insurance Contract Online Travel Insurance Contract

Those policies defines the various types of benefits and combined available with this insurer.

Once purchase, you will be provided with your insurance certificate and your Travel Insurance contract. Those documents contains clauses which may limit the amounts payable.  All document will be send to you by email.

IMPORTANT: Once you purchase your travel insurance coverage, always refer to the contract that will be provided by the insurer with your certificate of insurance. If any exclusions, limits or specification for you specific situation will be outline.

** Please read all documents provided carefully.

Claims & Emergency Assistance

If you have a question about your claim or require medical attention, call the emergency number located on your wallet card or listed in the confirmation documents. This 24/7 emergency assistance line will connect you with a TourMed representative who can assist you with your claim or medical situation.

Medical Claims: 1-844-820-6588 / 1-819-377- 2241 (Collect)


LS Travel – Claims department 
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