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Meet Tracey
Marilyn | Senior Travel Insurance Specialist

I have been in the Insurance Industry for over 40 year.   During my career, I sold individual insurance products including travel insurance.  I then took on the responsibility
of recruiting and training the Brokers placing business with us. 
What I enjoy the most about my job is working with the various clients to  find the best solution for their travel insurance needs.  Understand Pre-existing conditions is so important when trying to find the right coverage at the best price.  No one day is ever the same!!

Outside of Optimal Travel  I enjoy evenings playing cards with my friends or going to a good movie!  And, with 3 grandchildren, I never have to worry about having too much spare time!!!

Shop Early.  Get Best EarlyBird Specials!

Send me your trip details. And I will shop with our providers. Will than send you our top 3 rates by email.

Shopping for travel insurance

For most people when shopping for Travel Medical Insurance, the rates are one of the main issues. But for us it’s more about the “Fine Prints”. 

We take the guess out of shopping, by finding you the best comprehensive coverage, especially if you have medical a pre-existing conditions. We created a process that makes it easier for our clients to find the right   coverage with the right carrier for the best rate!  

Be fully covered, no guessing game!

We represent many different companies! Our main goal is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of insurance plans and find you coverage that best meets your needs at an affordable price.

We offer many types of travel coverage, making it easy & seamless to access proper coverage. 

Buy Online, Buy Direct or Call Us.   All rates are the same!



Emergency Medical Care
Coverage for any emergency health related issues or injuries, up to $10,000,000

Travel Assistance 24/7
Call anytime from anywhere in the world
for immediate assistance or to provide guidance.

No Medical Travel Insurance

No medical exam needed upon application.  Health questions over the phone or online.

Top Up Travel Insurance

Top-up Insurance coverage and extensions on any existing plans are available to purchase.

Free Refund

No fee to change travel dates prior to 
departure and no extra fee to extension.

Travel Pre-Existing Conditions

Option to enhance coverage for 
Pre-existing health conditions

No Additional Fees – Easy Renewals
To change dates prior to leaving Canada.

Direct Payment to Providers
No out-of-pocket Medical Bills

100% Refund Guarantee 
If somethings happen that keeps you from travelling, no problems!  
Get full refund, prior to effective date.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you purchase before you leave your country of residence, to avoid a 48-hour waiting period.
Note: This is an overview of Travel Insurance plan. It is not a contract or policy.

ask about your pre-existing condition

Let's talk it over!  To get a clearer picture of how insurance company will treat your pre-existing condition, talk to one of our specialists. No obligation. Promise.
Get the guessing game out of your hands!
Not a pre-existing condition specialist?  We are!
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Here are a few questions:
Pre-Existing Medical Conditions?  Are you covered?
Emergency Transportation (such as air ambulance services).  What's included?
Dangerous sports or activities?  Check you contract before or call us!
Return of Deceased?  Is family member assistance included?
100% of Emergency Medical Bills Paid directly to providers


Call me to get all your options!

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